About Us

About Me

My name is Sara Healy. I am the proud owner of three Golden Retrievers, Laina, Cogan and Nika, and two Labrador Retrievers, Mocha and Déjá. I got my first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chico when I was 12 years old, however it wasn't until I got my first Golden Retriever, Vida, at age 16 that the love affair started and I realised I wanted a career in the dog world. I bred my first litter of Goldens two years later and have since then raised 10 litters of Goldens and Labradors. I set-up a home-from-home and dog-walking service but quickly realised it was the training side of the job that I was passionate about. And from there 'Basic Manners Dog Training' was born!

I have been training dogs for almost 10 years now and exhibiting for almost 6 years. I knew I wanted a job that would allow me to spend most of the day with or talking about dogs. I think what I like most about dog training is knowing I am helping to create a stronger bond between an owner and their dog. It is extremely rewarding working with a client to help them train their dog. Every dog is completely different from one another in their appearance, behaviours and learning styles. Therefore every day poses a new and exciting challenge. Every dog I have ever worked with has taught me something; even the crazy ones make me love what I do more every day.

I studied Animal Care and Management with Veterinary Nursing at St. John's College. I have a FETAC Level 6 Award in Animal Management. I also have a Certificate in Canine First Aid and a Dog Grooming Certificate. I am currently studying Canine Nutrition.

About 'The Bark Park'

The idea of setting up a Doggie Day-Care Centre came later, and it was really down to my clients. I was constantly being asked 'Do you mind dogs at weekends or for holidays?' or 'What do you do with your guys when you're at work?'. Although we were able to help out a few clients it started becoming less and less practical to have so many dogs staying in our house. I knew I needed more space and better facilities, so the search began. We couldn't believe our luck when we came across the unit on The Old Mallow Road. It might not have been very pretty to look at but boy did it have potential and a garden!

A month after being handed the keys my dream had been realised. 'The Bark Park' opened its' doors.